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Written by Jonna Pohjalainen   
Wednesday, 07 October 2009

Chinese hat, - ”The diving trip to the Chinese culture. ”

I got to my friend as a gift  the Chinese hat with beautiful butterflies decorated. I sat at home with satisfaction the hat on, until one day my phone rang. Markku Hakuri asked me about the willingness to start the work trip to China. Beautiful Cinese hat led me down that road and I decided to take the story of The Chinese Hat. After  my meditation in Finland in Laajasalo I opened my eyes to the beach and in front of me was a beautiful Mute Swan. Chinese hat and Mute Swans seemed to have the same direction to China. Mute Swans started the journey, three days before me. I wonder, where are they now?

After the the long and atmospheric summer ,the leaves began to seem the same color as the red like my chines hat. I do not know where the chinese hat will take me?
Before the trip my heart was filled with a strange emptiness. Suddenly I felt happyness waves and sad flows along my mind at the sametime. I was aware that while I am in China I will longing my closestones; children, parents and friends.

While I was in Vantaa aeroport to waiting my plane,
 I did not understand the language of the China, but the strange and exiting melody was flooded into the ears, eyes, navel, all-ower into my body.

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