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Written by Johanna Rissanen   
Friday, 12 June 2009

Project artists exhibited their works in Rotermann Quarter 22nd - 30th May.  

















Christine Ödlund (Stockholm) - House Forest & Musical Score for a House Forest

 "House Forest" is a video work dealing with the transformation act from house to forest. "Musical Score for a House Forest" is the visual presentation and musical score representing the sound track for this video work.





Wei Erqiang (Beijing) - Experience

"Papermaking has an important role in traditional Chinese culture. In the old days different kinds of images were made of paper in order to be burned as ceremonial sacrifices. This burning of paper was not seen as an act of destruction or hatred. The idea behind my piece is about recalling the memories of past leaders and idols without judgement."





Cui Xiaosheng (Beijing) - Angles

"Chimney: a symbol of past years in Tallinn. It has been considered to represent history; now times are changing.

As Tallinn is changing rapidly also the chimney must change its identity. Angles are growing from the chimney. Multi-faced mirror angles reflect different lives, events and people. The angles look pure and powerful compared to the crude old chimney. They represent energy, fashion, desire, and confidence. Therefore the chimney is no longer a gloomy cylinder. It is an animate element in Tallinn. The chimney still stands there but its base has been transformed"




Jonna Pohjalainen (Helsinki) - The Heaven

" I was meditating in Rotermann area, and when I opened my eyes the first thing I saw   -  The Heaven.

We all share the same;  Heaven - Himmel - Taevas - 天空 "




Pan Fei (Beijing) - Bird House

"I built small houses of bamboo and wood on the ventilation pipes hoping that birds would settle down there. Chinese people love bamboo; it is a plant that represents the Eastern view of nature."







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