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Written by Cui Xiaosheng   
Wednesday, 20 May 2009

 --A old joke

   Long, long ago, there lived a king who was very kindness.

   Once time, several blind men met the king in the palace. King asked them "What I can help you do something?" Blind man answered: "We naturally can not see anything, heard that an elephant is a huge animal, but we have never seen, let us know what is like what. " the king said:"Yes,it is easy for me"

   The elephant is too great, blind men can only touch the part of elephant.

    Some of them touch the elephant's nose, and some touched the elephant's ear. some touched the elephant's teeth, and some ran into the elephant's body. some touched the elephant's legs, and some grasped the elephant's tail.

    They all thought they got that elephant, explore and carefully consider bout it.

    It took a period of time, the King asked: "Now you understand what the elephant is it?" Blind man"yes!" The king said: "Tell me."

    The people touch the nose say: "elephant was very long, just like a tube."People touched the ears said: " an elephant is big, broad and flat, like a fan." Refused by those who touch the ivory,said:" where a large radish like an elephant! "The people touched the body said:" The big elephant just like a wall. "People touched legs expressed his view: "I think an elephant is like a pole." Finally, people who caught the tail said: "You are wrong! In my opinion, elephant is fine and long, like a rope."

    Blind man refused to accept others.......

    I hope I am not that blind man.

    Because I come from a region where has total different cultures, three mouths staying in Europe is too short, I cannot grasp the whole Europe cultures, only apart of them, if I think I have understood the another culture by one-sided view of things, it will be created on the blindmen feeling like that joke.

    Understanding things must come from different angles to investigate various aspects, in order to obtain the most comprehensive impression.

    It need long time. 



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