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Written by Wei Erqiang   
Thursday, 23 April 2009

One of my idea in Tallinn is to make a formation consisted of paper houses transformed from dig lantern lights(it's not same as common red lantern along the street in china,and it's invented for war in ancient times). there is real fire inside and can fly up by thermal vacuum,12.jpg 

 Sertainly they will be connected with ground for safety and float at given height. but they will not stand wind,otherwise would be burned itself.  if tallin will be windy at the end of may it is just possible to present my art work at the lee side of building. so in Tallinn's meeting we all had investigated some possible places, and finally I think only one exact point just beside entrance no'2 between old buidings, it's a shelter from wind.




One aim of the project creating space is cooperation, another side of my work would de a continuation of petri's houses in BEIJING. 

Another idear is to burn some paper makings. it's a traditional ceremony of secrifise in CHINA, but now is not allowed by goverment for supurstition reason. while I burn something Petri woud record the process, and it woud be projected on the buildings wall at rotterman square of Tallinn.








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